Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Short Message Service (SMS) is the exchange of information by the use of text messages to and from a mobile phone. Messages must be no longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters. Bulk SMS is simply sending a large number of sms messages at the same time. It's one of the fastest, cheapest and most efficient ways of marketing, it's getting popular day-by-day.

Importance of Bulk SMS :

1. Increased mobile user
2. Instant reach
3. Highly secured
4. High open rate
5. Quick customer response
6. Time saving
7. Short and Simple
8. Cost-effective

Bulk SMS Service In Fast SMS India

FastSMSIndia is a leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bhopal offering Bulk SMS Service in Bhopal city as per your requirement at very best and affordable rates. Over the last couple of years, the company has consolidated its presence in major regions of Madhya Pradesh . We provide various SMS Tools, services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals use, focusing on Bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. We are a global player in business testing solutions, Our unique Bulk SMS Software can send SMS directly from EXCEL plug in. You can now add and remove contacts from your Bulk SMS account.

Why Choose FastSMSIndia

  • Bulk SMS Priority Route for instant SMS Delivery.
  • Free Bulk SMS API Integration with Website, Software and ERP.
  • Online DND Filter - Scrub the Database against the Do Not Call Registry.
  • Send SMS directly from your excel-sheet via Bulk SMS Excel Plug in.
  • Web Based SMS Panel - No download required.
  • Send SMS to all operators GSM/CDMA in India.
  • Check Online Delivery Report and Download in the excel sheet.
  • Graphical View of Delivery Report
  • Create Groups or send SMS to an individual.
  • Excellent and descriptive statistics and reports.
  • Tracks IP Address of the Computer through Message is sent.
  • API IP Validation.
  • Schedule your messages for sending at a later date.
  • Best thing - No technical skills required to operate.
  • Https Login for web and API.
  • Free API Integration with Missed Call, Short Code and Long Code Plug-in.

Bulk SMS marketing help in reaching the target audience within seconds. They can also be personalised based on the customer's previous buying behavior and demographics. They can even be location based as well as individually sculpted based on different stores and different regions of the country. To try and achieve this level of personalisation in any other form of marketing would be a very costly exercise.
All you need is to have a best and affordable Bulk SMS Service provider near you. Your search ends with us. FastSMSIndia is the most Affordable Bulk SMS Service Provider across India. We have 50+ thousands satisfied customers. You are step ahead to call Fastsmsindia to give and assist you with Free Demo SMS.

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