How Delivery Report Works

In the Delivery Report section, we can view the details of all the SMS sent by us. All the specific details of the SMS like date and time, status, type, number, etc can be seen. Here we will discuss how to use delivery report and check the record of our sent SMS.

How to Check Delivery Report of Bulk SMS

You can check delivery report of the SMS. On clicking the sidebar you will find the delivery report Option. Select the Option and check the delivery Report.

1. On the Delivery Report Dialog box you can there are four drop-downs to filter your delivery Report Status. with the first drop-down you can search the particular Mobile No. to see the delivery of SMS.

2. With the next Drop down you can filter your Delivery Report by campaign Name.

3. With the next Drop down you can filter your Delivery Report by API and Web.

4. With the next Drop down you can filter your Delivery Report by Routes.

5. With the next Drop down you can filter your Delivery Report by Date.

6. You can also export your delivery report to csv file by clicking the Option export from the right side of the dialog box.

How to check the SMS delivery through Graph

As we open the delivery report from the side bar of the panel, a graph will be shown.

Following are reasons behind Failed SMS

  • Number not reachable: When the message is being sent, if the recipient's mobile number is not reachable within the stipulated time period then the message gets failed.
  • Operator rejected: Carrier had rejected the message as the operator blacklisted the number or the SMS content and hence declared as failed SMS.
  • Operator error: Operator failed to process or respond, this is technical issue from operator end.
  • Number not exist: If the SMS is sent to an invalid number, then it won't get delivered and hence will get failed.
  • Unknown subscriber: Number is not active or service is temporary suspended or not available.
  • Number switch off or low signal: Mobile phone is switched off or having low signal so the SMS will not get delivered. But, if within the time limit the mobile comes in network or is switched on then the message will delivered otherwise is it failed.
  • Operator not responding: Operator not responding, so we not getting any response hence message got failed.
  • Operator time out: Sometimes, if all the attempts to send the message within a stipulated time have failed still the message is unable to get delivered, then the SMS might get failed due to operator time out.
  • Handset memory full: Recipient's mobile inbox is full. To get the message, the receiver need to clear up some space and then they will be able to receive the SMS.
  • Number suspended by operator: Mobile number suspended/blocked by operator that is why SMS got failed.
  • Operator congestion: It happen sometimes that there is too much traffic with either of the operators resulting in failure of the SMS.
  • Handset error: Completely related to the mobile settings (or software issue) because of that SMS got failed.

Example of different status in Bulk SMS

1. Delivered SMS- The below image is the delivery report of a successfully delivered SMS. It is shown in green color. Also in the status it is appearing Delivered.
2.Failed SMS-The image below shows the delivery status of the SMS which is failed due to some reasons. Note- We debit the charges of failed SMS because we have to pay the operator. 3. DND -The below image shows the delivery report of an SMS sent to DND number. DND means 'Do not disturb'. If a person has DND mode activated in their phone, promotional SMS will not get delivered to them.
Note: We don't debit the charges if the SMS is sent to DND numbers from Promotional route.
4. Pending - The below image shows the delivery report of a pending SMS which is yet to be sent.
5.Sent- The image below shows the delivery report of an SMS which is sent but the delivery report is pending (SMS might get delivered but report is pending).
6. Blocked- The image below depicts the delivery status of the SMS in which the number is blocked.
Note : We don't charge for the SMS in which the receiver has blocked his or her number.
7. Schedule - Next to report is the Schedule tab. In this tab all the SMS which have been scheduled by us to be sent at a later date and time will be displayed.
If we want to cancel the scheduled SMS we can do it by going to the delivery report section and then select the schedule tab and then click on the Cancel SMS option. Money charged for that SMS will be refunded in our FastSMSIndia wallet.

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