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What is Bulk SMS

According to wikipedia Bulk SMS as the dissemination of large number of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. To put in simple words it means that Bulk SMS is sending SMS to large number of recipients at once. Bulk SMS can be used to send reminders, alerts, update clients about new offers, deals, and discounts. These days it is widely used for promotion and advertising of products and services.
There is no limit to the use of Bulk SMS. Its uses are endless. Bulk SMS can be deployed wherever we need to build an instant connection and convey urgent information.

Bulk SMS Service In Fast SMS India

FastSMSIndia is a leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bhopal offering Bulk SMS Service in Bhopal city as per your requirement at very best and affordable rates. Over the last couple of years, the company has consolidated its presence in major regions of Madhya Pradesh . We provide various SMS Tools, services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals use, focusing on Bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. We are a global player in business testing solutions, Our unique Bulk SMS Software can send SMS directly from EXCEL plug in. You can now add and remove contacts from your Bulk SMS account.

Types of Bulk SMS Service

1. Transactional Bulk SMS Service- These SMS are used for conveying certain urgent and necessary information. Example when message comes from a Bank informing you about the amount credited or debited. Similarly when you make an Online purchase, its details like Invoice number, Delivery Status are being conveyed to you via an SMS.
2. Promotional Bulk SMS Service-The basic purpose of the promotional SMS is to advertise a business and market its products and services. As per TRAI regulations, promotional hhhh SMS can be sent only to non DND number within a time frame of 9 AM to 9 PM.

Why Choose FastSMSIndia

  • Bulk SMS Priority Route for instant SMS Delivery.
  • Free Bulk SMS API Integration with Website, Software and ERP.
  • Online DND Filter - Scrub the Database against the Do Not Call Registry.
  • Send SMS directly from your excel-sheet via Bulk SMS Excel Plug in.
  • Web Based SMS Panel - No download required.
  • Send SMS to all operators GSM/CDMA in India.
  • Check Online Delivery Report and Download in the excel sheet.
  • Graphical View of Delivery Report
  • Create Groups or send SMS to an individual.
  • Excellent and descriptive statistics and reports.
  • Tracks IP Address of the Computer through Message is sent.
  • API IP Validation.
  • Schedule your messages for sending at a later date.
  • Best thing - No technical skills required to operate.
  • Https Login for web and API.
  • Free API Integration with Missed Call, Short Code and Long Code Plug-in.

Bulk SMS in Different Sectors

Bulk SMS for Educational Institutions - Do you need a system that instantly conveys the required information to parents, teachers and students? Are you looking for some cost effective way to deliver information at the right time?
Then you are at the right place. Bulk SMS works as a boon for Educational Institutions, colleges, universities and schools. It can help with better administration of your institution. Bulk SMS for Schools can be used for informing about exam dates, time table, parents meeting, etc. You can even send attendance notification and inform parents about their child's behavior. These regular updates from the school management will faster better communication and increase involvement in the child's development.
Bulk SMS for Hotels and Resorts Industry - Hotel Industry is adopting Bulk SMS for serving the clients in a better way. It is extensively being used by all kinds of hotels to interact with their clients in a cost effective way. SMS marketing serves as an awesome tool for taking care of visitors from the time of check in to check out. SMS marketing works wonders in customer service and helps in the smooth functioning of the business.
Bulk SMS is used for updating the clients about room availability, room booking, special festive discounts, famous dish of the day, etc. It can also be used for sending confirmation details, reminding about arrival time, seat booking and so on. Bulk SMS marketing is very beneficial for hotel business as it covers wide range of audience and reaches the target customer in the quickest way possible.
Bulk SMS for Real Estate Industry - Buying, selling, leasing, renting of property has become a lot easier than before. Earlier it was very difficult to promote and update customers about new projects launched, property listing, special plans and offers. But with the invent of Bulk SMS marketing for real estate, it has become easy to stay in touch with our customers and connect to prospective clients.
SMS can be used for informing interested clients about new projects, registration details, renting space availability and many more things. Customers can be relieved from the stress of buying and selling properties as with SMS, information is made available at their finger tips.
Bulk SMS for Banking Industry - Bulk SMS is extensively used in the banking sector for conveying transaction related information that when amount was debited or credited, account balance inquiries, etc. It allows banks to deliver information to customers and connect with them instantly. This way it keeps a check on all the fraudulent activities and makes your trading safe.
Bulk SMS for E-commerce Industry - Just at the click of a button, information is transferred to the prospective clients on their mobile phones. This is the beauty of Bulk SMS marketing. E-commerce companies are preferring to use bulk SMS to deliver valuable information and order updates to their clients. SMS is sent related to product details, invoice details, payment confirmation, special offers, delivery status of their order and many more. Bulk SMS has become a priority for e-commerce industry and help them to manage their clients in a far better way.
Bulk SMS for Event Management Industry - Days are gone when an event was promoted using billboards, print adds, radio adds, etc. When the technology is revolving around mobiles, SMS Marketing plays a vital role in building a connection with customers. You can send instant updates regarding the event to your customer. Tickets for the event can also be sent via an SMS. Bulk SMS is the most affordable medium for promoting an event. No need to waste money on calls, or send emails to your list of invitees. Simply by sending an SMS you can remind your guests regarding the time, date and venue of the event.
Bulk SMS for Aviation Industry - Airline Industry is witnessing a huge growth from the past few years. In order to update customers about flight timings, schedule, Bulk SMS proves to be the best way to communicate with them. Airlines these days are making use of this cost effective tool for sending flight reminders, offers, discounts, etc. As there is no need to have an internet connection to receive a message it becomes the most user-friendly and efficient tool to reach out to our clients.
Bulk SMS for Advertisement Industry - Every business has to invest money on advertising their products and services in order to thrive in this competitive environment. To connect with the customer at a deeper level and to make them loyal towards our brand, bulk SMS is the most viable option to establish a bond with our clients. As everyone is glued to their mobile phones at all times, SMS is the best medium to reach out to them. Advertisement industry is making good use of this excellent tool for marketing their products and services.
Bulk SMS for Developers - Bulk SMS can prove to be an excellent instrument for developers. They can promote their websites or apps via this medium. It is the most budget-friendly way to interact with the target clients and create a presence of your brand. Bulk SMS is a quite popular among developers and they are using it extensively to reach potential clients.

Why Bulk SMS is the best Marketing Tool

SMS marketing is become most popular in India because it is cheapest marketing solution. You can send SMS at lowest cost SMS. Our SMS marketing solution help you to send cheap Bulk SMS in india. FastSMSIndia is providing sms marketing service at very low cost. You can send sms with your brand as ADFSTSMS. "FastSMSIndia provides Bulk sms with Unlimited Validity. You can buy Bulk SMS with big volume at lowest cost." You can Send Bulk SMS to any mobile no from India. FastSMSIndia provides Bulk SMS Service with NDNC filter, so you do not have any legal problems with NDNC Registry.

  • SMS is the most personalized way to deliver information. There is no other channel as fast and efficient as an SMS.
  • The results of Bulk SMS marketing are easily trackable. You can measure whether your SMS campaign is effective or not and take suitable measures to achieve the desired results.
  • SMS has a high open rate than any other marketing tool. You can see for yourself. How many of your SMS are unread? Chances are that 1 or 2 but in case of an email there are a long list of pending mails which you generally postpone to read later.
  • SMS has a direct reach to the inbox of receiver's mobile. It doesn't go to other filters like spam.
    SMS marketing is a highly affordable medium of communicating vital information. The other forms of advertising like commercial, newspaper advertisement incur huge expenses.
  • SMS conveys information in a short, concise and clear cut manner which is preferred by customers. Internet connection is not required to receive an SMS. This makes the reach of SMS wide and accessible.

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