How Custom SMS Works?

Custom SMS is a feature in FastSMSIndia in which you can send unique variable SMS to your users. In this feature just the variable value for each user changes and the overall message remains the same.
We will explain you with an example. Suppose you want to send test marks to your students in which each student scored different marks. If you use the Custom SMS feature you do not need to type the message again and again. Whole message will remain the same just the variable value will get changed.
Dear Ram
"This is to inform you that you have scored 80 marks in your Physics test."
Dear Sham
"This is to inform you that you have scored 65 marks in your Physics test."
In the above examples the variable value is name and marks. Only that has been changed, rest of the message is the same. Let us see the process of using Custom SMS feature.

How to use Custom SMS?

  1. Firstly Prepare the CSV(comma delimited)file for your Custom SMS Following is the example of the CSV File.

  2. Login to FastSMSIndia
  3. Select the Send SMS Option from the left side of the Panel.
  4. In the Right side of the Panel, Select Upload File Option.

  5. Now You will find the CSV File Preview.

  6. Besides the Message Field you will find the "Insert Dynamic Value Option". This Option Shows the values of your CSV File.

  7. Type you message with the dynamic values of CSV File.
  8. Click On the Send Option.
  9. When you press send, confirmation dialog box will appear stating the details of the SMS. Click on Confirm to send the SMS. It will give a preview of how your message will appear in the mobile of the recipient. Also the cost per SMS, total characters, total messages, number count will be displayed.

    There is a character limit for each SMS. It is different for Unicode and for English SMS.

    Note - Your SMS can only include 1530 characters in total, not more than that.

    Below is a list of how many characters will be counted as 1 SMS, 2 SMS, 3 SMS and so on. It describes about the character limit of SMS in English language.
Character limit of SMS
SMS Length(No of Characters) SMS Count
1-160 1
161-306 2
307-459 3
460-612 4
613-765 5
766-918 6
919-1071 7
1072-1224 8
1225-1377 9
1378-1530 10

Note - Amount will be calculated based on the SMS count. Suppose there are 165 characters in your SMS. Then cost of 2 SMS will be deducted from your FastSMSIndia wallet.

The SMS will appear on Sonia's mobile as shown below-

Important Note: It is not compulsory to use variable feature in custom SMS. You can send the SMS directly also.
You can upload your CSV File containing list of mobile numbers to whom you want to send the message, then select the column name which has mobile numbers. And after that type your message and press send. The SMS will get delivered to all those mobile numbers which were there in the CSV file.
Note : If you are sending Custom SMS from Promotional Route after 9 PM, then a warning message will be displayed. As per TRAI rules, Promotional SMS is not allowed from 9 PM to 9 AM. Your SMS will be automatically scheduled for the next day at 9 AM. The warning message will be displayed as shown in the image below.

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