What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing process in which SMS can be sent to multiple people at a time. Due to this fast process of sending SMS to multiple people awareness, information can be spread easily and simply. BULK SMS marketing is used by Builders, Malls, Marriage invitations, Banks, Govt. job notifications, classes for the promotion of their courses and discount schemes.

How is Bulk SMS marketing helpful?

Bulk SMS is profitable to business managers and marketers, as the increase use of mobile phones supports the wide reach of business texts among people. It helps reaching the customers directly and ensures the delivery of messages to the targeted individual. This is a cost effective solution and serves to be the significant choice of advertisement and marketing to promote business.

  • It helps in creating the awareness about newly introduced products and thus approach huge numbers of potential marketers and customers in less duration.
  • Businesses can send relevant information to a specific group of customers in just a few clicks to go and thus save a huge amount of time.
  • This will be an easily executable marketing strategy
  • It can increase sales drastically and generate repeat sales with good profit.
  • It increases the exposure of brands among people Enables sending highly customized messages to the selected or group of customers, which is personalized too.
  • It helps deliver value added solutions at possible marginal cost and enables automatic relay of any important information essential for future projects.
  • Business people can more potentially interact with individual customer or group of customer in a better manner that helps promote business.

Some tips to do Effective Bulk SMS Marketing

  1. Simple and precise: The text you are sending to the consumers need to be simple and in understandable form. The open rate of text promotions/offers is a whopping 98% compare to 22% open rate of emails.
  2. Sell more and drive awareness: Unlike email, which tends to drive online sales, text promotions drive engagement to bring consumers in store. Once in-store, the consumer is more likely to buy other attractive products and a consumer's basket size is on average three times larger. SMS gets your Consumer in the store and opens their eyes to additional offerings they might not otherwise Interested in
  3. Measure your Ad value: With so many customer acquisition points with SMS programing, brands can easily track where users are texting in to join(Via in-store advertising, print advertising) and measure the relative effectiveness of that advertisement. This allows marketers to measures advertising in a way like before and is valuable tool for marketers.
  4. Segmentation and targeting: Consumers opt in to mobile programs and make careful decision on which text campaigns they choose. This differs from email where consumers subscribe more generally for brands they may only be temporarily interested in.
  5. Build your brand Conversation: While email Communication is a one- way street, people can actually reply to an SMS Promotion and engage with the brand through two way SMS dialog.

SMS Marketing are not just an efficient way to reach today's consumer but also the most relevant way to engage with them, build brand trust, and even track the effectiveness of advertising.

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