What is SenderID

Sender ID is the identity through which the message is sent. It is the name with which your outgoing SMS will be sent. For example, when any general SMS appears in our mobile, their name or number will be displayed. Similarly when the message arrives from a company or brand which has a registered Sender ID it looks like the image below.

When you are using Bulk SMS service for advertising purposes, instead of sending SMS from a number you can make your SMS more professional and send SMS using your own Sender ID.
In the above image FSTSMS is the Sender ID. It is the Sender ID of FastSMSIndia. One of the main benefit of using a Sender ID is that it instantly builds a connection with the customer. It provides recognition and adds value to your brand name.

In the image displayed above, BZ-UCOBNK is the Sender ID of UCO Bank. You might have got an idea about how the Sender ID looks like. Now, we will look into the details of terms and conditions which are to be fulfilled to have a Sender ID.

Note : According to TRAI, Sender ID can only be of 6 alphabetical characters. It cannot be more or less than 6 characters. You cannot use numerical characters while creating Sender ID. It should only contain alphabetical characters.

We will not accept the following as Sender ID

  1. Personal Name- You are not eligible to create a Sender ID by your personal name. For example, you cannot use Rahul, Anil, Mohan, Priya or any other name. Personal names are not allowed while creating a Sender ID. If you have a company with your own name then you can use the initials of your name but personal names are not allowed. Example if your company name is Soumya Boutique, then you can create a sender ID something like SBUTQE or SYBUTI OR SABUTE But you cannot create a sender ID like SOUMYA Operators don't allow sender ID of a personal name.
  2. Bank Name - You cannot create sender ID of a bank name. Example, sender ID such as BOIBNK which represents Bank of India, PAYTMB which denotes Paytm Bank, AXSBNK which represents Axis Bank and similar others are not allowed. You cannot create the sender ID of a bank name unless you are the owner of that bank.
  3. Celebrity Name - You cannot create a Sender ID by a using a celebrity name. For example, you cannot create a Sender ID using Shahrukh Khan's name, Amitabh Bachchan's name etc.
  4. General Name - General Names like friend, notice, inform, lottery cannot be used as Sender ID.
  5. Any brand not related to you- You cannot create a Sender ID of any company/organization/brand which is not related to you. Example, you cannot create Sender ID of Tata Group, Samsung, Britannia, BSNL and others. It is not permitted to create a Sender ID of a brand not related to you.

What we will accept as Sender ID

  1. Your Company Name- If you have a registered company, it will be accepted as Sender ID. Such as Reliance Industries, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys etc. All company names are accepted. But if you have a company of your own name then you can use the initials of your name. Example if you have a company name Rishab Electricals, then you cannot get a sender ID like RISHAB. Operators don't approve of this kind of Sender ID and your Sender ID application might get rejected. But you can use the initials like RIELEC or RELECT or RBELEC and so on.
  2. Your Organization Name - If you are running an organization such as an NGO or any other you are eligible for getting a Sender ID. Example can be, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), Help age India etc. We provide acceptance to all organization names.
    But if you are an employee and not the owner of the organization, then you are not eligible to get the Sender ID by the name of your organization. Suppose if a person works as an LIC agent, he or she cannot get the Sender ID of LIC. The sender ID of the organization is only given to the owner of the organization. Employees are not authorized to get the Sender ID.
  3. Your Brand Name - We accept all brand names. If you have a brand, it will be accepted as a Sender ID. Suppose you have Fastrack brand, you are eligible for creating a Sender ID.
  4. Your Product Name - All kinds of products/websites names are accepted as Sender ID. Example Parachute oil, Tanishq Jewellery, Parle-g biscuits etc are eligible to get their own Sender ID.

Sender ID Examples

  1. If your company name is Surbhi Pvt Ltd, then you can create a sender ID such as SURPLD, SBHPVD, SUBPVL and so on. But you cannot create a sender ID directly with the personal name. In this case you cannot create a sender ID as SURBHI
  2. If your company name is Mukesh Constructions, then you can create a sender ID such as MUKCNS, MKHCTS, MKHCUS and so on. You cannot create a sender ID like MUKESH
  3. If your boutique name is Anjali Boutique, then you can create sender ID such as ANJBOU, ANBTQE, AJBTIE and so on. But sender ID name directly with a personal name as ANJALI will not be accepted.

How to Apply for SenderID

  1. Login to FastSMSIndia
  2. Click on the Send SMS Option from the left side of the Panel.
  3. A form to be filled appears on the Screen. From here you can fill the SenderID of your own choice.

Terms and conditions for Sender ID

  1. Any spam/illegal activity/abuse is not allowed. We permit only genuine company,organization, brand and product.
  2. Create a Sender ID only when you represent a brand/company/organization.
  3. Sender ID should not match with personal names, celebrity names, government agencies etc.
  4. If the Sender ID got rejected, then you cannot apply for new Sender ID for next 15 days.

    Hence we can conclude that using a Sender ID can make your business a brand and can add value to your business. So without delaying further visit FastSMSIndia for creating Sender ID in the most simple and easy way.

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