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FastSMSIndia is the leading Bulk SMS provider in Kolkatta, West Bengal. Bulk SMS Marketing is Important for Your Business and very effective way to attract customers and to increase customer's loyalty. In this, messages can be sent to a large number of mobile handsets at any-place and at any-time. It is an add-on technology to the existing marketing campaigns with the outstanding results. This technology results in a drastic rise in sales of the company as well as provides the company with many new customers. It is the best technology used in mobile marketing. The message may include offers, promo codes or any other important information of your choice. This is the first and foremost choice of every company because of very good responses that further results in an increase in the company’s revenue.
FastSMSIndia is the most Affordable Bulk SMS Service Provider across India. We have 50+ thousands satisfied customers. You are step ahead to call Fastsmsindia to give and assist you with Free Demo SMS.
"According to Wikipedia" Kolkata also known as Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the third-most populous metropolitan area in India.Kolkata is the commercial and financial hub of East and North-East India[68] and home to the Calcutta Stock Exchange.[91][92] It is a major commercial and military port, and is the only city in eastern India, apart from Bhubaneswar to have an international airport.
If you are planning to grow further and expand your business in kolkata, you can greatly benefit from SMS marketing. You can even connect with potential customers outside your home territory, all you need is a bulk SMS system and an active internet connection.

Why Bulk SMS Service in Kolkata, West Bengal

  • PERSONALIZATION:Bulk SMS Marketing is Important for Your Business and tool provides the feature that the text of a message can contain the name of the recipient or name of their company. This feature can be provided with the help of modern technologies.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE:It is one of the cheapest Mobile Marketing tools. The cost of other advertising media is very high in TV Advertising, Outdoor Advertising etc. But in Bulk SMS Marketing, the marketing is done in no time and with a very small cost that allows you to reach lakhs of people immediately.
  • NO-BOUNCES:In some of the marketing campaigns, there is bounce back problem. But in Bulk SMS Marketing, there are no bounces. Sometimes, the customer may be unavailable at a time, even then they will receive the message as soon as the customer turns on the phone. So we can say that this marketing technique is very effective. FASTER DELIVERY:
  • Messages are delivered quickly. In a survey, it was found that 90% of the customers read the messages in 4 to 6 minutes after the message is delivered. So we can say that Bulk SMS Marketing provides rapidity feature that can provide large benefits to the company.
  • FIXED DESTINATION: In Bulk SMS Marketing, the message will be delivered to the particular mobile handsets. There is no chance of mistake in this. Also, it is driven by the permission basis, i.e. the customer will receive your messages only if they are open to such messages.
  • RELIABLE: SMS Marketing does not have to fight against SPAM or other such filters as available in E-Mail Marketing. All and all we can say that there are not any barriers in this field, it is a direct connection with your customer and hence this technology is much more reliable than others.
  • NO LIMITS: Bulk SMS Marketing having limitless marketing potential. This can be proved by the fact that no one can even know that how many mobile phones are there in the market…. a ridiculous amount!. Since there is a large number of mobile phones in this market, and people use messages and calls as a medium of communication. So we can say that Bulk SMS Marketing is a MARKETING GOLD MINE!

FastSMSIndia is a reliable and reputed bulk SMS provider in Kolkata, West Bengal. We offer bulk SMS at a very affordable rates. We cater to the needs of every industry and sector like schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, airlines, retail, real estate and many more. Make use of our excellent quality bulk SMS service and convey useful information to your target customers. You will find a range of diverse features and functionalities here. Some of its amazing features are Transactional route, Multimedia SMS, API SMS, etc. Sign up now to start sending latest offers and product news to your valued customers.

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