How Hotel Business can use Bulk SMS Service?

Hotel and Resorts are gearing up to increase their business even during off peak seasons with the use of SMS Technology. This takes up to next level by using mobile advertising effectively. Bulk SMS For Hotels can reach to target customer very easily as compared to other marketing strategies which is restricted to few masses. Not just for Promotional activity, Bulk SMS will lead to proper communication channel and helps in bridging the gap between customer and hotels.
Bulk SMS Promotional services will be perfect fit for marketing. Hotels and resorts have always been linked to the prospects of the tourism industry. This industry is highly sensitive fulfilling the needs of tourists yet having an elevated occupancy levels. Generally the marketing means of hotels and resorts was with the use of internet and social media advertisement. Although this sector shows regular interest towards advertise or promote business through conservative methods, it has now adapted to newer technology to improve its service. A SMS has the power to strengthen customer service and makes information-based services more accessible to customers. Hotels and resorts needs to adopt SMS text messaging into their marketing initiatives that boast positive results in the form of reduced costs, operational efficiencies, and better communication by being able to connect with customers anytime, anywhere.

Reasons to Choose Bulk SMS Service

  • Enrich guest experience.
  • Reach a large scale of people.
  • Increase in profit.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased efficiency
  • The best method in marketing to nail at competitors edge.
  • Cover larger group cost effectively.
  • Easy and flexible methods.
  • Time saving and provides instant up to date information.
  • Building good relationship with customers.

Some Examples of Bulk SMS in Hotel Business

"Double Room for Rs.3000 and Executive Room for Rs.3500. Show this text and get additional 10% discount only at The SammratHotel. Visit our website for more info."

"Dear Mr. Raghav, We are looking forward to your arrival at the Hotel Loin's Park, when you are settled, head up to the lounge for a complementary glass of juice! See you soon."

"Dear Guest, Thank you for booking for aLuxury Double Room. Your booking reference ID is 1234321. Thank you for choosing us."

"Dear Disha, Hope you enjoyed your stay with family. We look forward to serve you again."

Travelers are increasingly relying on their phones while traveling, exposing a huge opportunity for hoteliers to connect with their guests and provide superior customer service. A timely and apt message to the customers are very efficient and be of effective utilization. Fast, simple and reliable messages will ensure overall business growth and development. With the use of SMS technology, Hotel and Resort industry can scale up the next level of promotional activity. All you need is to have a best and affordable Bulk SMS Service provider near you. Your search ends with us. FastSMSIndia is the most Affordable Bulk SMS Service Provider across India. We have 50+ thousands satisfied customers. You are step ahead to call Fastsmsindia to give and assist you with Free Demo SMS.

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