How Doctors can use Bulk SMS Service?

Modern healthcare industry is crowded with patients, Doctors, nurses, healthcare technicians and other administrative staff handling their daily chores of work. Hospitals need coordination and communication in their day to day operations to provide effective services to their patients. There should be effective communication between staff members internally and externally with patients and stakeholders.
There are numerous ways the health industry can use Bulk SMS to improve the quality of their service and therefore be efficient in their major goal of ensuring people's health are well taken care of. Bulk SMS For Doctors are used to send reports of the patients to their mobile phones, Send Appointment reminders,Disease awareness alerts, Payment Reminders, Health care Tips etc.

Why Bulk SMS Service is important for doctors?

Almost all interactions in the health and wellness industry are of the face to face kind and often require direct communication between the client and the care provider. What better way to add to that interaction than through trusted and personalised SMS communications?

While the uses of SMS in the wellness industry are broad, here are some examples of where SMS can be used to meet the communication needs within the health and wellness sector:

  Appointment reminders - Sending out an SMS message detailing the time and address of the appointment up to 24 hours before reduces no shows and last minute cancellations. Most clients have access to a mobile phone and can refer back to their SMS messages to double check the time of their appointment. Clients can also reply to the SMS message to confirm or cancel an appointment.
Dear Madhav
This sms is for reminder of your appointment , booked at our hospital. Meet the doctor tomorrow at 6:00pm

  Reminders to collect test results or scripts - Instead of making numerous calls to a patient who doesn't or can't answer their phone, an SMS can be sent when test results are in, asking the patient to set up a follow up appointment or to collect a script.
Dear Jitendra,
Your Test Reports are ready. Please collect the reports as soon as possible.

  Payment confirmations and reminders - With the use of Bulk SMS Service Payment reminders and Confirmationa are to be sent on the Patient's Mobile Number.
Dear Mr. Rahul
Your payment has been received. Thank you.

  Promotions -Many wellness providers use SMS to market their specials or promotions. SMS is immediate and keeps clients up to date on new deals and products. A personalised SMS sent directly to their mobile phone offers immediate delivery and is more likely to be read faster than through social media or email.
Dear Customer
"Mohak Hospital" is well Known hospitals for Wellnes and Health Care in Delhi..

  Notifications about office hours - An SMS can be sent to all clients or patients during the holiday season outlining the dates and times that the business may be closed. This can include information such as who to contact in an emergency or how to make a future dated appointment during those times.
Dear Rohit
Today Hospitals are closed for some reason..

  Support related to their service offering - For example, a general practitioner might know that one of their patients is trying to stop smoking, so they send daily SMS messages offering support in this regard for a predetermined amount of time. Nutritionists could also send daily meal plans to aid clients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.
Dear Richa
We are organizing a free health check up camp starting from 21st June to 25th June. Please attend and share with your friends, relatives, and family.

  Requesting feedback - SMS messages can be sent to clients or patients asking for their feedback on anything from waiting time, to the service provider's interaction, to how the client may feel post appointment.
Dear Ms. Varsha
We are Happy to nurse you !! Please Give us feedback to improve service more.. Thank You

Given the nature of the healthcare industry, successful communication between healthcare providers and patients is vital. SMS messages are instant, reliable and personal; features which have demonstrated to be effective in improving customer service. To top it all off, SMS messages are used to send short and important messages, keeping both patients and care providers informed and, ultimately, healthy.All you need is to have a best and affordable Bulk SMS Service provider near you. Your search ends with us. FastSMSIndia is the most Affordable Bulk SMS Service Provider across India. We have 50+ thousands satisfied customers. You are step ahead to call Fastsmsindia to give and assist you with Free Demo SMS.

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