Bulk SMS for Churches

A church is similar to all other organizations in that it needs to communicate with its members on a regular basis. Whether this is to announce upcoming events, remind its members of important dates, or send other important messages then SMS is a very effective and low-cost way to reach a large audience quickly.
Churches all over the world have turned to SMS to get in contact with their congregation, because it's a fast and easy way to contact people. Whether it's events for the church, notifications or prayer requests, SMS will get the message across, instantly!

Uses Of Bulk SMS for Churches?

1. Updates - Make sure your congregation is in the know with events and happenings. Everyone reads their text messages, so let them know. "Don't forget tomorrow’s church service starts at 9am NOT 8am".
2. Prayer Requests - An easy way to get your congregation to pray for something specific is to message them. It is the fastest way to get your whole congregation praying.
3. Daily Devotionals - SMS your congregation the verse of the day, or simply inspire them with a message from the pastor.
4. Give Reminders for Special Events - If your church has a special event going on, such as a family night or summer barbeque, you can send out an SMS message prior to the event acting as a reminder of the community gathering.

Bulk SMS for Churches Example

"We Shouln't love prople in order to share our faith with them. Rather, we share out faith and ourselves with them in order to love them."

"All Kids are welcome to wear their Halloween Customes tomorrow to show them off in our main service !!!"

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