Bulk SMS FAQs?

FAQs stands for "Frequently Asked Question". While starting your own Bulk SMS Business or Promoting your business through Bulk SMS, You have many questions to ask to us. We are going to create many frequently asked question details below which is very useful and clear your mostly doubts.

What is bulk sms or bulk messaging?

Bulk Messaging is the delivery of large numbers of SMS messages to mobile handsets. It is used by various enterprises for a variety of purposes including mobile marketing and important notifications. Bulk SMS is commonly used for service renewal reminders, offers & discounts, event reminders, festival wishes, and important alerts, etc.

Types of Bulk SMS?

1. Transactional Bulk SMS - These SMS convey urgent or vital information to both DND and non DND customers.
2. Promotional Bulk SMS These are used for promoting or marketing a product or service only to non DND numbers within 9 am to 9 pm only.

How can I activate Bulk SMS?

To activate bulk SMS from FastSMSIndia, please follow the steps below:
1. Visit the site FastSMSIndia.com
2. Fill the enquiry Form.
3. Fill all the details and press submit button.
4. Once the registration gets completed, Our Support team will assist you.

Can I test a demo account before buying BulkSMS services?

Absolutely Yes!! We do provide such facilities to our buyers & clients. Before buying our services we give you details of our demo account. You can easily log into it and test about how our services will work for you. You can send text messages to few people through this demo account.

How can I send Bulk SMS online?

Follow the steps below to send bulk SMS online :
1. Login to sms.fastsmsindia.com
2. Click on the send SMS Option given on the left side of the Panel.
3. Select the route – Promotional, Transactional, Quick Transactional
4. Select the Sender ID, Contacts, Type the message text and press send.
How to Send Bulk SMS

How I came to know, my messages get delivered?

It is very easy. You can check the delivery report of every send sms through the panel. For detail information about delivery report click Delivery Report.

How much SMS I can send at once?

You can send SMS upto 10 lacs contacts at once.

What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

You can send English SMS of 160 characters in one SMS. More than 160 characters SMS will be count in multiply of 160 characters. If you want to send SMS in different language then one unicode SMS can be send of 70 characters. In Unicode more than 70 characters SMS will be count in multiply of 70 characters.

Can I Send SMS in Other Language

Our SMS Panel Support Multiple language. You can SMS in Hindi, Marathi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujrati, Tamil, Bengali, Telgu etc.

How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?

Once Your Payment reflect in our Bank Account, Bought credits will get added to your account Instantly.

What will happen if I do not use my sms credits.

We have SMS credits with unlimited validity according to TRAI rules. you can use your credit at any time There will be no reduction if you do not use your SMS Credits.

How can I make a payment for SMS credit?

You can make Payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, PayTM, UPI with PayOnline Button given in our website fastsmsindia.com The payment can also be made in our Bank Account through any of the available payment options like Net Banking, Fund Transfer or by Cheque/DD, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS.

Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

No, there are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits whenever you need more.

How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?

You can manage your contacts by adding them one by one or by uploading your contacts File. For More Information Click How to Add contacts

What is a Sender-Id?

Sender ID is the identity through which the message is sent. It is the name with which your outgoing SMS will be sent. For example, when any general SMS appears in our mobile, their name or number will be displayed. Similarly when the message arrives from a company or brand which has a registered it shows like this :- TM-UCOBNK.

How do I Upload Contacts File (CSV Format)?

1. Create an Excel file and save it with .csv file extension.
2. Fill the contacts in which you want to send SMS.
3. Upload the file in the Panel.
For more details :- How to Upload CSV File.

Do you offer technical Support?

Yes, technical support is available through email and phone. We have technical staff available 24 Hours a day. You can call to our Support Team in 24*7.

Do FastSMSIndia.com adds any text in our SMS?

No, FastSMSIndia.com doesn't add any text in your SMS.

Can I Schedule Message for later date and Time?

Yes, You can schedule Message for a particular Date & Time. For more information Click on How to Schedule SMS?

What is a DND registered number?

DND (Do Not Disturb) registered numbers are those numbers registered under NCPR (National Customer Preference Register) not to receive any commercial call or message.

Do FastSMSIndia.com allows sending commercial call or messages to DND registered numbers?

Yes, You can send Promotional SMS to DND Numbers also by purchasing SMS Credits into Prmotional Open DND Route. For more information Click on Prmotional Open DND Route.

Are there any hidden charges?

FastSMSIndia.com packages don't have any hidden fees. Transaction charges apply on few payment modes (Bank charges in case of cash deposit and transaction fees in case of credit/debit card payment).

I am in Delhi. Do you provide your services in Delhi?

Yes. We serve clients from all parts of India.

Can I partner with FastSMSIndia?

Yes, You can resell our SMS Solution to other Customer according to your margin.

What is API?

The term API means Application Programming Interface in which the functions of a computer program like Bulk SMS Service can be made accessible to another computer program. This approach is possible by using a standard which is known to programmers of both programs.Send SMS alters, Promotional SMS, appointment reminders etc in bulk to your customers via our Bulk SMS API service.

What is the difference between Promotional and Transactional SMS?

The difference between promotional and transactional SMS is that promotional SMS is used for sending offers, deals and discounts only to non DND numbers. Its main purpose is to promote and advertise a brand or product. Whereas Transactional SMS is used for conveying important information to both DND and non DND numbers. Examples are OTP, order invoice, account balance messages.

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