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What is Bulk SMS Business

Bulk SMS is a service that enables sending a large number of SMS messages to a broad audience - at once. This is a super powerful service to use in your business to deliver SMS messages safely, quickly and directly to your customers worldwide. If you’re running competitions, marketing campaigns, notifications to employees, promotions or events, Bulk mass messaging is the best platform to use for sending out a high volume of messages in one go.
BULK SMS can be split into:
1. Wholesale SMS - messages which are sent from reseller companies

2.Retail SMS - messages which are generated and sent from end customers like Facebook, Google, etc.
SMS messages are bought and sent in bulk, so the term Bulk SMS was the best to use since it describes this service immediately. Since messages are bought in bulk, they are much cheaper than regular text messages used on an individual mobile phone for personal communication with other people. In the same time, Bulk SMS is cheaper and significantly more effective than e-mail and e-mail marketing.

Tips to make Bulk SMS Campaigns More Effective

  • Keep it Short & Simple: With SMS, It's important that you get to the point fast. Prople dont want to receive long SMS.
  • Include a call to Action : It's important to include a strong call to Action in your SMS messages. Tell them about a great new offer and them ask reader to "Click here" or "Buy Now"
  • Send Text from your Brand's Name : When You're sending out messages to your customers, always use your brand's name as SenderID.
  • Personalise Your Messages: Personalized experiences can make customers fee values, appreciated and generally warmer toward your brand. With this comes the increased possibility of a conversion.
  • Track and Monitor Your Results : For high ROI always keep monotor on your results, You can track which SMS marketing campaigns are getting the most clicks and engagements.

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