Uses of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is a high speed and most effective way of communication. Many companies are using Bulk SMS services for creating relationship with their clients and let them informed with latest events and news. Bulk SMS let you reach to your customers or say targeted customers in very cost-effective and fastest way. As we know almost everyone is using mobile phone, as there is a possibility to engage and build more customer base. Using Bulk SMS you can send millions of SMS by clicking just a single button. So if you run a business , you Submit may consider the Bulk SMS marketing for your business.

Uses of Bulk SMS Services

  • We can engage our customers by using bulk SMS.
  • Necessary information can be easily conveyed in a fraction of seconds.
  • Offers, discounts, deals and other similar kind of information can be conveyed in a convenient way.
  • Promotion can be done in a cost-effective manner.
  • Create brand recognition.
  • Establish reputation and create goodwill of the brand.
  • Communicate with customers on a regular basis.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

  • Real-time two - way SMS communication. Receive replies to your bulk SMS messages.
  • An SMS message can reach a customer wherever they are.
  • You can get your message out efficiently to the required group.
  • If the cell phone is off or out of signal range, the message will arrive at the recipient's phone if it is
  • switched on or receives signal within 48 hours of sending.
  • SMS can be stored for use at a later stage.
  • SMS can be forwarded.
  • SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports. You are able to see which messages were delivered to which mobile numbers.
  • SMS messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  • Your message gets across in 160 characters or less. Short and sweet.
  • You can send bulk SMS messages from your computer.
  • Reliable delivery to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries.

Benefits of SMS vs. Phoning:

  • Cheaper than a phone call
  • Takes less time to send a message than it does to make a phone call.

Benefits of SMS vs. Emailing/Online:

  • Email/computer is not always readily available.
  • A client/customer will almost always have their cell phone on them. The chances the recipient receiving and reading the message is very high.
  • People are more likely to receive and read an SMS than an email.
  • More people have access to a cell phone than they do the internet.
  • Cell phones do not have a spam box. Many emails are "lost" because of the junk mail filter.

Benefits of SMS vs. Fax:

  • Fax machines are not portable.
  • Often times an office has one fax machine servicing an entire office.
  • Faxes are not "personal". Anyone can walk past, pick it up and read it.
  • SMS is cheaper than sending a fax.
  • Sending an SMS takes less time than typing up and sending a fax.

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