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Mobile Messaging for Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Use Fastsms India as an effective channel to service clients and delight them with the best mobile marketing returns

Now you can leverage SMS as an additional channel to service and delight your clients. With Fastsms India you can create and send attractive SMS marketing messages along with attachments, discount vouchers and personalized offers. Whats more, you will even be able to track the effectiveness of both your offline and online ad campaigns!

Mobile Messaging for Auto Industry and Dealerships

Be in the drivers seat and shift customer marketing and service by sending promotional flyers and automated service alerts!

Stop relying on phone-operators to be your service voice. Manage everything from new car launches, test drives and post-purchase service reminders to customers using Fastsms India services. Control the marketing campaigns of your dealerships by centrally managing message templates.

Mobile Messaging for Banking and Financial Services

Bring a range of banking and financial services to the customers mobile phone. Put an end to endless wait times and tardy paper communications. Be a bank or an insurer who is just a swipe away.

Cut out intrusive calls and bad customer experiences, by bringing client-facing services to an SMS platform. Use Fastsms India to offer a range of instant, actionable services—from bank statements, fund transfers to trading updates. Allow customers to instantly reach out for information via SMS. Be the invisible but always available personal banker using Fastsms India’s customized SMS services.

Mobile Messaging for E-Commerce

Enrich your customers shopping experience; Improve conversions

Fastsms India makes it possible to enhance your customers shopping experience. From order placing and tracking updates to complex marketing and feedback campaigns, Fastsms India makes your interactions with the customer better. You can insert attachments and web URLs along with your SMS campaigns. What’s more, you get to measure the impact of your campaigns in real-time and optimize your marketing strategy.

Mobile Messaging for Schools and Universities

A text-savvy two-way approach to communicating with students, parents and teachers

As an educational institution administrator do you struggle with the need to reach out to parents and students with the right information at the right time? Are you still sending printed memos and mass emails? With Fastsms India SMS platform, you can send important information such as exam schedules, meeting invites, emergency alerts, attendance notifications and updates on classroom activities. You could even collect detailed feedback on school programs and initiatives. Go on! Build a happy, well-informed community of parents and teachers.

Mobile Messaging for Event Managers

Be an always-on event manager who stays ahead of customer expectations

Fastsms India can help change the way you manage an event. You can cut down on intermediaries by reaching out to customers directly whether it is to promote an event, collect RSVPs, send tickets, or even to gauge feedback.

Mobile Messaging for Government & Public Utilities

Be the government that stands for simplified, direct communication. Make the most of the Digital India plan for maximum governance and minimum government.

Be in touch with citizens and empower them by sending everything from payment reminders for taxation to important documents via a simple SMS using Fastsms India. Get the pulse of the nation by conducting spot polls.

The Fastsms India service and how it can benefit you

Manage events seamlessly

Cut down on the effort you put into managing an event. Just use Fastsms India for an end-to-end solution whether it is promoting events, managing RSVPs, issuing passes or gathering feedback.

Quicker way to reach clients

Why wait for your client to read your email? Wow them by instantly sharing your media plan, ad copy or marketing proposal via Fastsms India SMS attachments


SMS alerts

Send automated reminders, meeting updates, campaign alerts, and even payment receipts to your clients by integrating your CRM with Fastsms India APIs.

Show, don’t tell

Got a brand new car launch? Let the pictures do the talking. Send out glitzy flyers of vehicles along with pricing and promo offers as SMS attachments. Insert web links, PDFs, images and spreadsheets as needed.

Ease service processes

Simplify your after-sales service activities by sending automated reminders on service dates, insurance and warranty renewals. Update your customers with alerts on vehicle-servicing phases.

Text an appointment

Put customers in charge by allowing them to book slots for test drives or servicing by sending a simple SMS. Use Fastsms India APIs to update your appointment calendar in real-time based on these requests.

Gather feedback

Know how your customer rates you by seeking immediate feedback after a vehicle sale or service via Fastsms India mobile-optimized surveys.

Book and sell

Get customers to renew maintenance contracts, pre-book vehicles or extend warranties by sending them discount coupons with a limited-time offer. Let Fastsms India handle end-to-end couponing process.

Stoke interest and grow a database

Generate SMS enquiries from prospective customers by including your SMS contact info (keywords, short/long codes) in all marketing communications. Sit back and watch your opt-in database grow.

Manage multiple dealerships

Do you manage multiple dealerships and franchises? Let them conduct their own SMS campaigns, while you centrally manage purchases and control the message tone and tenor by locking down templates.

Keep your customer

Make customers feel special by inviting them to auto shows and launch events by sending Fastsms India mobile tickets. Use SMS attachments to share auto trends or maintenance tips.

Increase web traffic and brand visibility

Build web traffic and brand recall. Send web landing pages as Fastsms India shortlinks in your SMS campaigns, and keep track of who is interested in real-time.

Go Mobile

Send customers their bank statements, insurance-policy updates, loan approval status, credit card approvals, payment receipts and much more as SMS attachments with Fastsms India. Save paper and save the customer a trip to the bank.

The money alert

Keep customers in the loop through instant notifications and alerts on everything from cash withdrawals to card usage. Alert them on fund transfers and ping them one-time passwords for secure transactions using Fastsms India API gateway.

Rope in new clients

Cut out frequent cold calls. Allow prospects to show interest in your financial products and services via a simple SMS. Promote your contact info - keywords, short/long codes - in all marketing communications.

Monitor and control all communication

Create completely secure customized templates that are locked down for sub-users with Fastsms India enterprise-grade features. Monitor and keep track of usage for internal performance and regulatory audits.

Bring the broker to the phone

Act like a real-time broker to customers through automated updates for everything from market moves and interest rate changes to fund NAVs. These can be every hour or every month, customized to client needs and transaction frequency.

Promote new products and services

Promote new products and get clients to sign up for new services with SMS marketing campaigns. Insert a simple web URL link as ‘call-to-action’, measure client response and fine-tune your campaigns.

Customer service on SMS

Make your customers feel well served by instantly sending information ranging from account balances to nearest branch locations when requested via SMS. Make the SMS a tool for customer service by making it a 2-way communication channel.

Instant customer feedback

Are your clients happy or unhappy? Do they think your service is exceptional or mediocre? Get instant feedback on customer experience and map bank performance by branch and region by sending Fastsms India mobile-optimized surveys.

Get ahead with bespoke services

Need help on how to leverage Fastsms India and improve your services? Our dedicated team helps tailor solutions for your business needs, whether it’s setting up and managing campaigns or helping you integrate various backend systems.

Text with attachments

Are you still managing with plain vanilla SMS services? Now send brochures, purchase alerts, payment receipts and shipping status by easily attaching files and web URLs, wherever required.

Increase conversions

Send automated SMS reminders of abandoned cart purchases and on-stock notifications along with a payment link and watch your conversions improve.

Drive website traffic

Promote new products and daily deal offers through SMS along with a link to your landing page and generate purchases. Get granular analytics in real-time and optimize your marketing strategy.

Create two-way communication

Create superior customer experience by allowing your customers confirm their availability for delivery, enquire about shipping time to their pincode and more by sending a simple SMS to your inbox.


Do you have to wait for your IT team to deploy new pages? Fastsms India allows your marketing teams to easily create mobile landing pages on-the-go.

Get better feedback

Fastsms India mobile-optimized surveys help you gather customer feedback about product quality, purchase and shipping experience in real-time with higher response rates.

Attract users to mobile app

Discover how an SMS campaign with an app download link generates better results than email marketing for promoting your apps.

Customized solutions

Just tell us what you need and allow Fastsms India to tailor solutions for you! Our expert in-house team can also set up your campaigns, integrate with your CRM systems and deliver bespoke reports.

Enterprise grade administration

Fastsms India helps you create multi-user accounts, restrict privileges based on user roles and monitor users’ activity with detailed audit trails.

Go paperless; Use SMS

Use Fastsms India SMS to send information about exam schedules, reading material, and meeting invites to students, parents and staff. Insert PDFs, spreadsheets, docs or weblinks.

Make the most of the admission season

In these competitive times, attract the right students by showcasing your university and courses with an SMS campaign that includes weblinks. What’s more, track click through rates in real-time.

Say it with a picture

Do you get frequent calls from anxious parents enquiring about their toddlers at the day care center? Send them updates about their kids’ activities in text format or as photos through SMS through the day.

Simplify 2-way communication

Allow parents and students to easily seek information by sending an SMS. Send automated responses along with any relevant information documents.

Send personalized notifications

Send attendance alerts, birthday wishes and university acceptance notifications by integrating your database with Fastsms India API gateway.

Update on-the-go

Even your teachers and college staff can send emergency updates, event or classroom activity delays and updates on-the-go using our mobile app.

Be independent

Fastsms India multi-user accounts allow each of your college departments conduct their own SMS campaigns while you centrally manage purchases and lock down SMS templates.

Make ticketing processes simple

Get rid of cumbersome ticketing and tracking processes by sending Fastsms India mobile tickets for alumni meets, seminars or exhibitions. You can map attendance by scanning the tickets with our app.

Solicit timely feedback

Get real time and quick feedback about events, teachers, courses and facilities using mobile-optimized surveys created on the Fastsms India platform.

Let your event be an SMS away

Use Fastsms India SMS to promote your events and share event brochures, webpage links or even booth layouts with your opt-in database. Insert PDFs, images or weblinks as required.

The quick RSVP route

Create mobile registration forms using Fastsms India making it easy for customers to log details. Alternatively, you can request users to RSVP by sending a simple text to your dedicated inbox.

Single screen mobile tickets

Say no to paper, long queues and expensive ticketing software. Use Fastsms India to send mobile tickets to participants, which can also be scanned at the venue to track the list of attendees.

Send timely event alerts

Say bye to disgruntled customers. Send SMS alerts for events, delays and cancellations, change of venue, or last minute promotions and offers using Fastsms India.

Manage events seamlessly

Manage your events seamlessly by issuing mobile vouchers for a wide range of uses at the venue from entry passes to workshop invites and food coupons.

Instant customer feedback

Ask participants to rate speakers, workshops and events via Fastsms India surveys. Get an immediate response while the event is still fresh in the minds by sending a survey as soon as the event ends.

Two-way channel to your customer

Allow your participants to reach you whether it is to express interest, or find out about availability of events, rooms, travel options and more via SMS. Set auto responses and appear always-on.

Be the perfect planner

Send personalized invites for weddings along with images, RSVP links, reminders and venue details. You can even seek dietary preferences using a Fastsms India platform with a keyword sent as SMS to a shortcode.

Map interest for events

Measure the interest for entertainment shows by asking audiences to send an SMS to your inbox. Grab their attention by promoting your inbox keywords & short/long codes on multiple media channels.

Cut the queues

End long queues in public offices by sending documents ranging from registration forms to enrollment documents via Fastsms India SMS.

Keep citizens in the loop

A transport strike or an emergency evacuation? Reach out to millions of citizens in a timely manner by sending them SMS alerts be they emergencies, weather alerts, disruptions or road closures.

Easy pay, easy collections

Send users payment reminders for their taxes or utility bills along with a direct web link to pay via SMS. Cut out delays and overdue payments.

Mark the date

Improve productivity by saying goodbye to forgotten appointments and inadequate proof. Send reminder messages in advance for appointments. Attach a link to the list of documents users need to bring for availing public services.

Create a responsive network

Allow local users to avail any service or alert the administration on everything from potholes to terror threats by texting into your SMS inbox.

Say goodbye to call centers

Save on large outlays on call centers by sending important information quickly in a text message. Keep call operators for emergency services which need a human interface.

Say goodbye to call centers

Save on large outlays on call centers by sending important information quickly in a text message. Keep call operators for emergency services which need a human interface.

Allow consumers to locate the closest public service center by sending a simple SMS along with the pin code to your dedicated short codes or long codes.

Conduct easy spot polls by asking users to text in their responses to a dedicated inbox and view the detailed results in real-time.

Create completely secure customized templates that are locked-down for sub-users with Fastsms India enterprise-grade features. Monitor and keep track of usage for internal performance and regulatory audits.

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