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Mobile Messaging for NGOs & Community Groups

Be an effective change agent through more modern ways of engaging with communities and donors

Build deeper bonds with communities or donors by keeping them updated and informed of your progress, track participation, and increase the donor base easily through Fastsms India services.




The Fastsms India service and how it can benefit you


Enthuse and engage

No need to hand out pamphlets at street corners or send them via post. Attach brochures, flyers or web links in your SMS campaigns to showcase your cause and measure campaign reach.


Express gratitude personally

No more standardized and bland responses. Send a personalized thank you note along with payment receipts through Fastsms India SMS services.



Faster outreach

Do away with tedious phone calls to donors. Use Fastsms India bulk SMS to instantly reach out to millions of prospective donors and get quicker responses.

Information on the go

Make it easier for people to donate. With an SMS postcode lookup service they can locate their nearest donation center or local charity service.

Build an informed community

Keep your donors regularly informed with reports and news about activities through a simple SMS that includes web links to relevant reports.

Assess donor participation by asking them to sign up for an event by simply sending an SMS to your inbox. No more anxious waiting for people to turn up.

Ease event management by sending Fastsms India mobile tickets that can be redeemed at the site. Get to know who attended and who didnt.

Tap into peoples urge to do more. Get donors to opt for gift aid along with their donations through a link to a mobile form.


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