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Mobile Marketing & Bulk SMS App

The Multi-Award Winning Online Mobile Messaging Service Now in an App.

Fastsms India Mobile App Features

Our mobile app lets you execute all the essential functions you use in Messenger web interface from the convenience of your smart phone. Go truly mobile with Fastsms India Messenger app! Easily import your phone contacts, send mobile marketing texts and SMS alerts to any of your groups and view messages in your inbox on-the-go. Whats more, our app even allows you to quickly scan and redeem mobile tickets or loyalty cards sent to your customers. 

Messenger App itself is 100% free, you simply purchase SMS text message bundles at these rates.


Send Bulk SMS

You can send text messages to all of your Messenger contacts and groups in just a few clicks!


Import Phone Contacts

Sick of typing your phone contacts into Messenger? You can now directly import them into any Messenger group at any time!

Schedule your Messages

Like the Messenger web interface, you can schedule your text messages to be sent at a specific date and time.

See your Messenger Inboxes

See and respond to incoming messages from your customers and prospects on-the-go!

View Templates & Drafts

Quickly compose messages on the mobile by editing your stored templates, drafts and message history.

We have taken the simple user interface that you use in Messenger and adopted it for the mobile environment.

Messenger Mobile app works on 3G, 4G, Edge or GPRS signal. So, you can send messages from anywhere.

Use the built-in QR code scanner or simply enter the code to redeem your mobile tickets, coupons and loyalty cards created on Messenger.


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