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Forms, Data Capture and Surveys

Create mobile optimized surveys, forms and send as a link in your SMS campaigns

Send via text messages

Messenger forms are sent via a simple link in an SMS message which opens up the mobile optimized form.

Forms and Surveys - why mobile?

SMS messaging has a far higher response rate than email (thats a fact!), so weve created the Messenger Forms and Survey tool, which lets you design and create your own mobile form, asking any type of questions you need, to send as a clickable link in an SMS message.

Key Benefits of Messenger Surveys


Free creation

Create as many surveys and forms as you wish, free of charge. You will only be charged for the surveys you send (see pricing options below). Use multiple choice, drop down menus, star ratings, date pickers or text boxes to collect the information you need most effectively from your contacts.


Free reporting

All responses are automatically stored in your Messenger account for real time viewing, complete with easy-to-access stats and graphs displaying your results. Along with the responses that people give, we also provide information on the recipients mobile device was used to access the survey for each recipient.


Free to receive replies

There is no cost to receive replies to forms and surveys. Depending on the payment option you choose, responses will be collected and stored for three months or until your contract end date.


Mobile optimization

All surveys and forms you create are designed exclusively for the screen of a mobile phone, making it user friendly and quicker for the end user to download.

How will your business use Messenger Forms and Surveys?

Booking forms

Got appointments to fill up? Send promotional SMS campaigns with a booking form included so people can select what time and date they would like to make an appointment.


Feedback (good and bad!) is vital for all businesses to improve and grow. Follow up sales meetings and appointments with a quick survey link in your SMS while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Application and Registration forms

From gym memberships to a daunting 10k run, allow your customers to register via a mobile form anywhere anytime. 

Insert custom fields to merge data such as first names, surnames and orders to your surveys and forms, giving them a personal feel.

The survey link is embedded into an SMS text so like with all SMS campaigns you send, you can schedule a time and date for this to be sent. You can also set a start date and end date from within the survey settings.

Insert images and logos to match your businesses look and feel. For an even more professional look, we can create a bespoke survey for you. Contact us for a quote.


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