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Track SMS Campaign Metrics in Real-time

Access granular click reports for all your marketing web links, attachments, mobile forms and more

Take the guesswork out of your SMS marketing campaigns by using Fastsms India link tracking system

Whether you are inserting web links, attachments, surveys, tickets or mobile web pages in your SMS messages, link tracking allows you to capture extensive usage metrics while keeping the URL length in check. These short links not only save precious real estate in your message, but also allow you to benefit from deep insights into your customer behavior and which campaigns are really paying off. Get detailed reports on the click through rates of your campaigns, who opened the links at what time, the recipient's location details and device characteristics. With more data to describe your customer, you can now take a more fact-based approach while devising your marketing campaigns.

Setting up a tracker is as simple as entering your web URL into the link tracking service and sending your message. Messenger tracks and reports the metrics as and when the links are opened by your customers.



Track your performance

Capture click metrics for any SMS campaign with a simple 2-step process

  • Include your call-to-action web link or attachment as a Fastsms India short link in your SMS and then, just send the message
  • Click-throughs are also tracked for short links to attachments, surveys, tickets and mobile web pages created on Fastsms India

Collect valuable data as tracking works seamlessly in the background 

  • Get total clicks and details of recipients who clicked through, including their mobile number, location and device information and the time they accessed the link
  • Export complete data as CSV to perform your own analysis

Love these guys!

- Their API service works perfectly - Their customer support picks up the phone and respond to our queries within less than 5 minutes every single time - The user interface of the product is simple and once again, just works. No useless and cluttered bells and whistles

Gain valuable insights into your customer behavior and campaign effectiveness

Just like email marketing, Fastsms India SMS marketing now allows you to track how many people clicked through your web links and attachments. Monitor response rates in real-time to continuously improve your campaigns and follow through.

Get granular data about recipients who clicked through the links, including their mobile number, location data, device characteristics and the time they accessed the link. Easily export this data for further analysis and insights into your customer behavior

Fastsms India shortens your webpage URLs to help keep your message length in check while enabling tracking functionality. Mobile tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards, forms and surveys created on Fastsms India are automatically assigned short links. 


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