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Business Mobile Messaging Video Tutorials from Fastsms India

Discover how SMS-based mobile marketing campaigns can help your business, community or organization

As experts in mobile marketing, we help businesses and individuals kick start their SMS marketing campaigns and strategies. Its what we are here for. From mobile ticketing and loyalty campaigns to mobile surveys, weve got it all covered.


See Fastsms India Messenger Tutorial Videos

Why not take a look to see how easy it is to get going with Messenger and how SMS marketing can help your business stand out from the crowd when it comes to improving your customer communications.

Whether you need a complete overview on our product, how to simply send and receive SMS, create mobile web pages or integrate an SMS API for your Customer Relationship Management system, these video tutorials will give you all the basic information you need to get started.


How to Upload Contacts & Send Your First SMS Campaign

In this video, we will show you how to upload your contacts and how to send your first SMS campaign. With Fastsms India, you can easily schedule and send personalized messages to millions of your contacts. For the first time ever, you can embed files, images, web links and SMS surveys in your bulk SMS campaigns!

Outbound SMS API

Watch this video to find out more about integrating SMS text messaging to any application or web site.

Intbound SMS API

This video shows how to use the Fastsms India Incoming message system to forward on SMS messages and process them to a file in PHP.





How to Create & Edit Templates in a Transactional Account

In this video, we will show you how to create & edit templates in a transactional account and also, use them to send messages via UI/API.

Introducing Fastsms India

Watch this video to get an overview of Fastsms India SMS messaging services, features and Why Fastsms India is the #1 SMS product.

Fastsms India Messenger Demo

See how easy it is to use Fastsms India Messenger for all your SMS marketing needs with our helpful and comprehensive demonstration video.

This short guide demonstrates how you can create your own mobile optimized surveys and forms from start to finish. Discover how your business could use mobile forms to collect information from customers and staff and how to create your own in minutes.

This video shows how to use the Fastsms India Email to SMS gateway to send an SMS message to a single number from any email client.

Find out how to create mobile landing pages for tablets and smartphones using our Mobile Web Page Editor.


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