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Sending SMS Messages Online

Simple, fast & powerful texting with web links, attachments, forms & tickets

Look no further... you have found the most feature-rich, multi-functional business SMS platform in the world!

You can convey an impressive amount to your mobile contacts with a simple SMS, using our award winning text messaging platform, Fastsms India Messenger. 

Sign up for free and well give you 10 SMS messages to try us out. You get to keep your account forever - simply top up with SMS credits when you need them. Go ahead and discover the power of Fastsms India SMS!


What can you do with the humble text message?
See our walkthrough.
  • Easy to use, feature-rich, self-serve SMS platform
    • Send SMS surveys, tickets, vouchers & more
    • Include fully trackable links and attachments
    • Multi-user access controls & SMS templates
    • Easily send from 1 to 1 million texts in seconds
  • Price match guarantee
    • We'll match or beat any competitor
    • Reduced prices for larger text credit bundles
    • Send SMS from just 9 paisa
  • Passionate and dedicated support team
    • Online and telephone support
    • Account Management
    • Standard or enhanced support SLAs
  • Platinum Indian operator partner

Bulk SMS Redefined

Reach out to millions within seconds. Easily schedule and send personalized texts and regional language messages.

SMS Attachments

For the first time ever, attach files with text messages! Insert PDFs, images, word docs, spreadsheets and more.

Track Campaign Metrics

Take the guesswork out of your SMS marketing campaigns! Get granular click reports for all links sent via text.

Mobile Solutions

Create and send mobile tickets, discount vouchers, surveys and forms directly to your customers phones

Promotional or Transactional, Which SMS Route Should I Choose?

Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or for customer engagement. Here is a quick guide to help you get started. Know more about regulatory guidelines.


Promotional SMS

Configured by default for all new accounts, promotional SMS is generally used for sending any offers or promotions to new and existing customers. Messages are sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers (via myDND Manager) between 9am and 9pm only. Start your free trial today!

Transactional SMS

Transactional route can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24/7 from your own 6-character Sender ID. To configure a transactional route, create your account today and contact No setup costs involved!

Business SMS

We can configure both promotional and transactional SMS routes to you, free of cost, so that you can send any business SMS hassle-free! With platinum telecom partnership and intelligent routing technology, Fastsms India SMS gateway assures you best-in-class delivery rates for both bulk SMS and SMS alerts.

Intuitive Interface, Great Team, Prompt Solutions

Easy to use software and very intuitive interface. From registering to sending my first message campaign out to becoming a Pro customer with approval for Transactional SMS services it took less than a day. Specially would like to appreciate my account manager Nikhil who was very swift in helping during the entire setup. Even today the Fastsms India team is always available for any queries and support. Keep it up Team Fastsms India.


  • Personalize your messages: Use our mail-merge feature to add any custom fields of your contacts in the SMS text message. Zero software installs required!

Schedule sends: Select recipients, compose your message and keep your campaign ready to be sent for a specific date and time. 

  • Go local: Connect with your customers in any Indian regional language by using our incredibly easy transliteration tool.

 Add a variety of attachments in your SMS, such as takeaway menus, price lists, brochures, or booking confirmations.

You can even insert your own web links or mobile web pages, mobile tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards, surveys and forms created on Fastsms India platform.

We provide analytics and reports for all your SMS campaigns, including detailed click activity reports for any links in your message.


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